Values & Attributes


We believe that the Pursuit of Excellence is the first step toward a more effective and satisfying life. Our experienced and qualified educators are well-trained and amply prepared to encourage students to strive for excellence in all their endeavors and realize their full potential.


Prudence students demonstrate integrity and high moral character by adhering to ethical principles, acting honorably and ensuring that there is consistency between their beliefs, words, and actions.


We believe in the inherent dignity of all people. We value and honor self and others through words and actions. We at Prudence encourage students to honor each person's individuality, celebrate our diversity, foster mutual acceptance and respect and always act responsibly.


We believe that "leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality." We, therefore, seek to nurture, empower and inspire students and teachers to be innovative and resourceful leaders within their own spheres.


Prudence encourages building lasting and rewarding relationships between teachers and students. We emphasize mutual respect, cooperation, and collaboration. Students need to recognize the importance of being a part of something greater than them and accept their duties & obligations towards the School, the local community and the larger global community.


At Prudence we are committed to awakening, cultivating and fostering each student to discover his or her unique individuality and creativity in an atmosphere that embraces questioning and exploration.