Teacher's Day Celebration

‘Teachers should be the best minds in the country’. These are the words of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan the second President of India, as great academician,philosopher and statesman. His birthday 5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in our country.

The students of Grade I, V, VII, and IX & X of Prudence Dwarka-16B organized special assemblies to express their gratitude towards their teachers. It started with refreshing Morning Prayer. Students spoke about the leaders like Dr. Sarvepalli RadhaKrishan and Mahatma Gandhi and highlighted their contributions in the education of our people. Students also presented a wonderful theatrical act. It was a soulful cultural programme to make the day momentous for the teachers by enacting like their  mentors. A video showcasing the love, affection and bond that holds each and every member of the Prudence family together was also shown. Students also presented their amazing artwork prepared for this special occasion as their token of love for their teachers. The assembly came to an end with a beautiful rap and beat boxing presented by the students of Grade IX & X. The entire assembly was soaked in the spirit of festivity and happiness. The  Vice Principal, Ms. Smriti Nanda addressed all the teachers with her inspiring words. She thanked all the teachers for their diligence, commitment, integrity and unconditional support they extend to the students. The entire assembly was soaked in the spirit of festivity and happiness.