Golf Session (Grade 1 - 3)

The harder you practice the luckier you get.
The Golf Revolution (TGR)- Bringing Golf to your Doorstep

Golf is a very passionate and exciting game and is now recognised as one of the fastest growing sports.The game has many benefits to students in terms of ownership, decision making, focus, commitment and enhanced self confidence. The child becomes a self-starter and is constantly working towards doing better each day.Keeping this in mind an introductory session of Golf was recently conducted at Prudence School Dwarka16B for grade 1-3. It started with the presentation by ‘The Golf Revolution’(TGR), where students were given an understanding of the fundamentals of the game. They also learnt about the equipment of the game, how to grip the club, about the correct stance and learnt to focus on the movement (swing) of their club while hitting a shot.
It was followed by a demonstration after which students were given an opportunity to play and experience the joy of the game. Altogether it was a fun filled experience cherished by our students.